Waterproof Walking Surfaces. Decks, Sundecks, Roofdecks, Patios, Walkways and More!

Weatherdek membranes offer the ultimate combination of waterproofing protection, unlimited versatility, rugged durability and unsurpassed design options to ensure we have an effective solution for any waterproof decking application.

Here are the top 10 reasons to choose Weatherdek waterproof membranes:

  1. The credibility of the Weatherdek name which brings along over 35 years experience in vinyl membranes.
  2. The piece of mind that a Weatherdek membrane has proven itself in all climates, from the Pacific Northwest to all through Canada.
  3. Other than an easy annual cleaning with soap and water Weatherdek vinyls are virtually maintenance free.
  4. Weatherdek vinyls are dsigned and tested to be reistant to UV, mildew, impact, abrasion, household chemicals as well as extreme hot and cold temperatures to ensure that they maintian their waterproofing functions as well as their aesthetics through many years of everyday wear and tear.
  5. Our vinyl membranes are very versatile and can be applied to solve difficult waterproofing situations.
  6. All Weatherdek vinyls are covered by either a 5, 10 or 15 Year Limited Warranty, depending upon the specific roduct chosen.
  7. A Weatherdek membrane will ensure that the space under your deck is dry and usable wether it be a living space or just storage.
  8. All Weatherdek vinyls have a textured finish in order to provide a sure footed walking surface even when wet.
  9. Unlike some deck surfaces that can get very hot and uncomfortable in warm temperatures, Weatherdek vinyls are cooler to make your outdoor living area more comfortable.
  10. The choices of colors, patterns and textures available in the Weatherdek line is unsurpassed by any other products on the market. This assures you'll find the right match for your home.

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