S.T.A.R. Systems

SNAP-TIGHT Aluminum Railing

S.T.A.R. is an acronym for Snap Tight Aluminum Railing in reference to the method used to assemble the railing and fencing. The product was developed in response to the market demand for premium railing and fencing products that…

  • Could be ordered and delivered quickly from an existing inventory
  • Were not cumbersome to transport to site
  • Could be assembled quickly and economically
  • Possessed all the positive attributes of traditional welded aluminum railing and fencing, i.e. high in strength, low maintenance, light weight, no rust, versatile in design and cost competitive.

Our powder coated aluminum rail will add brilliance to your homes environment and give you a look you can admire for years to come. Our virtually maintenance free product will allow you to spend precious time with the family instead of painting, sanding and staining.

All railing jobs have a 20 year warranty on the product finish.